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Bamboo Toothbrush (Pack of 4)

Bamboo Toothbrush (Pack of 4)

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Use Neevo Bamboo Brushes to eliminate plastic from our landfills.

Every year we humans throw away 3 billion plastic toothbrushes which totals to 50 million kilograms


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Customer Reviews

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product is very good.


I have seen their products in one of the exhibition at Kanha Shanthivanam. We will find very limited products with good quality. We can see their dedication towards the quality and the respect they have towards the planet from the ingredients they use for the product development. Please do try their product and encourage them. Thank you

Join the Sustainability Revolution

Order now with our guarantee that this is the most scientifically proven way to tackle personal hygiene and climate change simultaneously.

  • Zero Plastics

    We have replaced all plastic with cardboard or bio-plastic. Now you can look healthy while ensuring that the ecosystem is healthy as well!

  • Cruelty Free

    We test all our products on ourself first. No animals are involvd at any phase of product develiopment.

  • Zero Sulphates

    Did you know that the same chemicals are used in both your toothpaste and bathroom cleaners? Not with Neevo!

  • Zero Flourides

    Fluoride is a convenient enamel care solution but it accumulates in our bodies causing diseases (especially in children). We have switched to ayurvedic solutions instead.