Ayurvedic Revolution

Ayurvedic Revolution

Organic Synergy

After a few decades of industrial chemical dominance, consumers and brands are slowly becoming aware of the long term consequences of using synthetic solutions which have side effects ranging from cancer to environmental degradation.

A wave of organic natural alternatives have recently flooded the market as a consequence. Many of these products borrow heavily from the ancient indic texts of Ayurveda.

As we rush to replace our everyday essentials with natural alternatives let us remember how we got here in the first place.

Blind Consumers vs Conscious actors

We as a society have finally decided to invest in prevention over cure. This shift in mindset is thanks to awareness campaigns and overall literacy and government policy forcing brands to disclose their formulations.

Now as conscious consumers we can all search the web to confirm if the brands we know and love have been secretly fooling us into a false sense of security.

But there are SO MANY Different Chemicals

Yes. The market today has no end to the different types of formulations that can be purchased.

But as conscious consumers we can focus only on the following key areas-

  • Use of preservatives. Key examples include Sodium Benzoate etc.
  • Use of artificial colors and dyes. Many of these have been now linked to cancer.
  • Use of chemical stbilisers and emulsifiers. Side effects include skin irritation to allergies.
Lets join together as conscious consumers to force brands to adopt simpler ayurvedic replacements!
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